The celebrations of any educational institution speak volumes about its culture and send a loud message to the society that what you stand for.

Celebrations in K V No. 1 RCF are an indispensible part of leaning.  We celebrate almost everything that make our students more sensible, Knowledgeable and closer to their fellow being such as Religions celebrations:-

Holi, Eid, Diwali, Christmas, Dussehra are the religions celebrations we enjoy together as festivals are connected with our inner world also. We try to teach our students through Dussehra that along with ravana effigy we should burn our evil and undesirable self also.

Ramazan teaches us to be patient as staying hungry for hours (10-12) by make us realize how blessed we are and we must respect the people who are less fortunate.

Every religious celebration has a spiritual and social message for all of us to lead a better life.

·        National Festivals: - 15th August, 26th January, 2nd October, 14th November etc.

·        Festivals related to Environment: - World Earth Day, Water Conservation, Energy Conservation etc.

·        Other Celebrations:- Grandparent Day, KVS Foundation Day etc

·        Celebration Birthdays of Great Personalities:-

Ø Great Educationist (Dr. Radha krishnan)

Ø Great Mathematician (Dr. Srinivasa Ramanujan)

Ø Great President (Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam)