Kendriya Vidyalaya R.C.F, Hussainpur is spread over 12.5 acres of land in the spacious environment of the R.C.F Campus. It has its own 'A' type building which is being extended with additional 10 class-rooms. It has 21 staff-quarters also. Alongwith 37 well-furnished class-rooms, it has three Science laboratories(Physics, Chemistry and Biology) which are well-equipped with scientific equipment and relevant teaching material. Its Air Conditioned Computer laboratory has 74 computers, 04 printers '. Junior Science laboratory for the science activities of class VI to VIII is also functioning efficiently. Vidyalaya is having a well-maintained Mathematical Lab where students of junior and senior classes learn mathematics by doing activities. Mathematical garden has different geometrical shapes like Rhombus, Parallegram, Sqaure, Rectangle and Circle made of concrete. Activity Room is equipped with Charts, Models, Audio-Video systems and Musical instruments . SUPW Workshop is equipped with useful gadgets. Library is well-stocked and updated having a stock of 7000 Books , 09 Encyclopedia , a host of dailies, weekly, bi-weekly magazines and a 29' Colour T.V. with cable connection. It follows open-shelf system. The official record is computerised and the office has a photo-copyer and a fax-machine also. The Vidyalaya has well-maintained extensive Play-Grounds for team activities like Foot-Ball, Basket-Ball, Volley-Ball, Kho-Kho, Badminton and Kabbadi alongwith Chidren Park . A well-maintained lawn with Botanical Garden and Mathematical Garden adds to the beauty of the vidyalaya. Sufficent number of Firego'ABC'(Multi-purpose) Dry powder type fire extinguishers have been installed in the building to save it from fire.